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How can upper cervical adjusting help you?
Acworth GA speaks about Lukas Upper Cervical Health Center




“I came in with pain in my left hip which ran down my left leg and into my foot. I couldn’t stand to sit long at a time and exercise was painful. After 7 weeks I have no pain in my hips or legs. I feel great! I also used to suffer with post nasal drip (constant) and that is also gone. I’m very happy!”    - Amanda M.





(Pastor T. came to us taking a lot of medication for his asthma. He was also very full of fluids from being on prolonged steroids)


“I have had asthma all of my life, and since seeing Dr. Lukas, I have stopped taking all of my meds. Thank you!”    - Pastor T.


“I have stopped using my asthma inhalers. I am having less allergy problems”    - Andrea M.



Back, Leg, Neck, and Hip Pain / Numbness


“Since I have been seeing Dr. Lukas, I hardly ever have hip pain or leg pain. This was the biggest issue at the time I almost crawled into the office. I was taking pain meds such as Ultram and Aleve on a daily basis. It is very rare that I need anything for back pain. I feel much more energetic, and actually enjoy doing many things such as working in my yard and cleaning in general, that had originally become so painful I would end up in bed with my best friend “the heating pad”. So see me now and to have seen me on my first visit to this office, you would not know that I was the same person. I have improved so much.”   - Angela R.


“I could not believe the dramatic change / improvement that I felt in my pain and discomfort level after only the first two or three visits. It was amazing to me to realize that I could detect the difference in the lengths of my legs when my body was off centered. I was also amazed to realize just how much of my entire functioning was affected even though I had simply thought of it as “backache”. I guess I knew that the nerves affected the entire body. However, placed in this context truly makes me realize how critical Upper Cervical health is to everyone.”    - Pastor J.


“Before coming to Dr. Lukas, I had severe neck and upper back pain. After being adjusted only 2 times and coming here for 3 months, my neck and back pain has completely gone away. There is also an incredible staff who is very pleasant and always enjoyable to visit with. This is an excellent practice.”    - Melissa H.


“When I first came to Dr. Lukas I could hardly get around due to back, leg and hip pain, and neck pain that caused severe headaches. Now even though I have not been very good with my end of the bargain as far as making my appointments all the time – my MRI’s are better in my lower back and my pain in my neck has for the most part subsided. My overall back pain is better. I can do a lot more stuff than I could do before. Actually, I almost instantly felt better right after my very first adjustment. I would advise anyone to come give it a try because it has really made a difference in my overall life.”    - Katie S.


“I have been going to chiropractic since the early 80’s. After adjustments over a period of time the symptoms of lower back pain and stiffness would occur. After Upper Cervical Care I could feel the congressional healing taking place in the body. Numbness in toes and left feet was eliminated and most numbness in the left leg has been overcome. Night cramps in the calf and thigh are eliminated. Overall strength and well-being in my entire body seems improved. I’m excited about the long term benefits towards improved body function. Thank you for your very personal care and attention to my needs.”   - Russell W.



Breathing Problems / Diabetes


“Wow! I feel great! A few weeks ago I would never have said anything like that. In fact, three Doctors said I wouldn’t survive 2 weeks. The only change in my life style and medicine routine is this Upper Cervical Care. It has honestly been a miracle in my life! I can breathe!”    - Marynell N.



Depression / Chronic Fatigue


“Before coming to Dr. Lukas there were many days that I couldn’t or just didn’t want to ever get out of bed. I would get the kids to school then go back to bed. It wasn’t only the headaches or neck pains. It was depression and lack of energy. I’d tried caffeine, vitamins, protein shakes, energy and diet pill, and everything I could get the doctors to prescribe. I was having trouble concentrating and felt as if I was in a brain fog. Since being adjusted I get so much more done and have so much more energy. I know it was the adjustments because as soon as I went back out of adjustment, I went back in bed”    - Sharon M.



Dizziness / Fainting


“Wow! Where to begin…

I came here only after a 24 hour hospital stay, as well as 2 visits to the ER several co-workers convincing me to try a chiropractor. My hospital bills were greater than $20,000 and nothing was found by either a neurologist or cardiologist. My complaint: I was dizzy and feeling like I was going to black out every time I looked down. This had been progressively getting worse for 12 weeks. Then I came to see Dr. Lukas. He began to thoroughly evaluate my condition as well as how Upper Cervical Care worked. I was using this as my last resort. It’s been one month and I feel awesome. I am working again often being forced to take a one month medical leave. I am driving again. I still have up and down days. But thank God for Dr. Lukas! I never believed I would be writing this! I’ve always been a little nervous about Chiropractic care, but guess what? It makes sense!”    - Christie H.



Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue


“I’ve dealt with the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia for 20+ years, and had tried everything I could find – medications, acupuncture, trigger point injections, cervical epidural, massage therapy, physical therapy and traditional chiropractic. In the short time I’ve been coming to Dr. Lukas, I’ve had a marked decrease in my pain and feel so much better. I’m expecting to see even more improvement as time goes by. Thanks!”    - Barbara M.


“Today, after just 4 months of Upper Cervical Care, I’m virtually pain free. 2 years ago, I was in so much physical and resulting, emotional pain that I was bordering on suicide. I had always been active and vibrant until I was “struck down” with chronic fatigue syndrome and bedridden for most of the day. I lost my husband, my job, my car and my house when I lost my health. After a couple of years I decided to “manage” it the best I could and went into business for myself so that I could rest for inordinate periods of time. One evening I was rushed to the ER with what I thought was a heart attack. Pain and numbness radiated down my left arm. I was diagnosed with “spasms” and prescribed everything from physical therapy to traditional chiropractic to steroids. Nothing helped except lots of pain killers. After disc replacement surgery (double fusion), the only recourse has been a heavy regimen of narcotics and other meds. The mood swings from the narcotics lost me 3 jobs and a fiancé. 4 months ago I heard about Upper Cervical Care and it made sense to me. My atlas being out of place was the probable cause of my pain and symptoms. Finally there was a way to fix it all. Now, 4 months later, I am no longer on pain meds and I feel 20 years younger.”    - Megan P.


**Megan has volunteered her time and efforts in speaking to anyone who went through similar experiences to the ones she mentioned above. She is presently working as a full-time drama teacher at a local high school.



Herniated Discs


“I have had great results since coming here. I was scheduled to have surgery in November of 2004. My 6th and 7th vertebrae were ruptured and herniated. I found Dr. Lukas just in time. Surgery was cancelled. He is a God-sent miracle”    - Melissa J.


“I came to Dr. Lukas at the urging of a friend and with doubts that he could help me. I had severe pain in my legs, ankles and feet resulting from a herniated disk and degenerating disk in the lumbar spine. I was relieved of pain right away. It’s so nice not to have to take the strong drugs to relieve pain and to rid the thoughts of surgery! Thank you so much!”    - Joyce D.


“I was involved in a wreck in April of 1999, and since that time, I have had continued problems with both my neck and arms. I was diagnosed with having herniated discs from C3 to C6. I was sent through chiropractic and physical therapy. I was also very medicated with multiple pain killers, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, and anti-depressants. It was not until I started seeing Dr. Lukas that I actually started sleeping throughout the night. I still have a long way to go, but I am feeling better every day.”    - Richard B.





“I had been seeing three regular chiropractors one to three times per week for the past two years in an attempt to get relief from migraine headaches I would experience weekly.


They would always have to adjust in my neck, always finding various bones out of alignment. The adjustment would never hold more than a day or so. I became so desperate I began to pray for God to lead me to someone who could help me. I knew conventional chiropractic wasn’t helping toward a long-term answer for me.


I met Dr. Lukas through a massage. I’ve been seeing him for about 2 months now. My headaches are gone and I’m holding my adjustment for 7 weeks at a time now.”    - Janette R.


“I’ve been going to chiropractic since 1976 and even though I experienced some relief in headaches, I never had such a reduction in the frequency and severity as I’ve had since I’ve been seeing Dr. Lukas and getting upper cervical care treatment! I used to get such severe migraines that literally put me out of business for 3 days at a time, confining me to bed with ice packs, dark rooms, and trips to the bathroom to vomit so much that at one time, I lost close to 10 pounds in 2 days from throwing up fluids! Not only have my headaches decreased 10 fold, but I don’t suffer from lower back pain anymore and I sleep so much better!”    - Alice S.


“Before seeing Doctor Lukas for Upper Cervical care, I had a migraine that had lasted for several weeks. In the past few years I’ve had mild headaches almost daily.


Since receiving treatment, my headaches occur less often and I am taking less medication to treat them. Sometimes I am using the moist heating pad and lay down for a short time enough to relieve the headaches.”    - Kelly B.



Occipital Neuralgia


“I was about to the end of my rope. I prayed to God to lead me to someone to help because I couldn’t live like this anymore. That week my husband received information about Dr. Lukas, I was having sharp, stabbing pains behind both ears. After my first adjustment, I woke up the next day out of pain. Over the weeks to come, I was out of pain longer and longer between adjustments.


I am thankful God answered my prayer through Dr. Lukas. I feel like I am a normal person now.”    - Lori S.



Overall Health and Wellness


“I am very thankful to have found out about this type of care. Since I have been coming to Dr. Lukas I feel almost 100% better than I did before coming here. Thank you.”    - Brock H.


“I have had dramatic results from my corrective care treatment. Although it is a very gradual process and I began to feel better after just a few of my corrective care adjustments, I am fully aware that close observation and maintenance is very important to my overall well being. I am further knowledgeable about my nervous system functions and its direct relationship to the atlas and axis being in alignment. Subluxation of these top two spinal bones or vertebra prevent the passageways of the nervous system and tissues to properly function and communicate with the rest of my body. When I don’t maintain the health of my spine I feel symptoms of discomfort and overall I don’t feel well. I am truly grateful that I discovered Dr. Lukas and Carie. It changed my whole outlook on health.”    - Lisa O.





“I noticed an improvement in my energy and how I was able to do more longer without getting tired. I recently got pregnant and have felt the results, but the ability to get pregnant may have been a result of my 1st or 2nd Upper Cervical adjustment!”    - Julie T.


“We have been trying to have a baby. Last year, while not under Upper Cervical Care, I unfortunately had a miscarriage, along with my myriad of other symptoms including headaches, sleep loss, tiredness, and so on! I am very happy to say that I have been under care as an Upper Cervical patient with Dr. Lukas for 7 months, and I am 2 ½ months pregnant. We have seen a sonogram, and the baby looks very healthy thanks to Upper Cervical Care and to Dr. Lukas!”    - Valerie T.



Severe Scoliosis


“Since childhood, I have been plagued with a number of physical complaints, including but not limited to Scoliosis, weak legs, and bladder control problems. I really felt like I was on a downward spiral getting weaker and shorter. And looking to the future, my golden years were going to be spent having to have someone take care of me. I didn’t feel I had many options at this stage. Then I received a complimentary massage and was introduced to Doctor Lukas and Upper Cervical Care. I was so excited when I saw my x-rays and that I was onlyin stage 1. It wasn’t too late to fix that! The changes I already feel are physical and emotional! I really do have hope that I will get stronger and straighter, and as I’ve told Dr. Lukas, if that is all I get out of these sessions it is well worth it! Thank you.”    - Erin W.



Spinal Stenosis / Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia


“Until I met Dr. Lukas and his precious wife Carie, I was pretty discouraged that I would never be free of pain again. My orthopedic surgeon and neurologist agreed that spinal fusion was my only hope for recovery and then it was questionable. My internist dismissed my aches and pains as just old age and being overweight and not exercising. In desperation, I saw another internist at Crawford Long Clinic who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis. At the Emory Spinal Clinic, I was told to lose weight and exercise. Finally, after much prayer, I was led to Dr. Lukas, who, in one visit, took away 90 percent of the pain in my neck, legs, arms, and lower back. I am able to walk, stoop down on bended knees, raise up to a standing position, have more movement in my neck, sleep all night, feel rested each morning, work 8-10 hours doing physical labor, breathe more easily, and in general, feel much better overall. Praise God! I can’t wait to feel 100 percent better.”    - Jean R.



Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN)


“I was ready for suicide with the 12 years and continuing to worsen TN pain. I am not completely pain free, but I am feeling relief and a lessening of the attacks. Suicide thoughts are gone. I have also just felt an all through my body sense of well-being.”    - Joan S.


When James Tomasi, noted author and businessman, cancelled his plans to commit suicide, he had no idea he would soon be helping thousands of people around the world to get normal lives back, too. James wanted to die when he gave up all hope after a 12-year battle with the agony of a disease called Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN). But, after his wife Rhonda heard a radio broadcast in her car near their home in Oklahoma City, James recovered his life.


A woman told her remarkable, emotion-packed story of how a rare health care procedure ended her crippling misery of Fibromyalgia. This tuned out to be the very procedure which ultimately ended James Tomasi’s pain and gave him back his life.


James suffered with TN, the “Suicide Disease”, an incredible nerve condition of the face. TN is the most painful condition known to man, with suicide being the only means of providing lasting relief. Years of medical treatments that included powerful drugs had left James doped like a zombie. He considered major surgery that would sever or cover the nerve, but that surgery had a cost of $40,000 and only a 30% chance of success. He knew he was running out of time, and pain had taken over, removing all quality of life. The “traditional” medicines as well as Holistic treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic and herbal (natural) had little or no effect. These remedies did not work for him and could not stop the “beast” he called the pain. After 12 years of suffering, the only option that made sense to James was suicide.


James’ wife Rhonda, after hearing the radio broadcast, made a call and received a response from an Upper Cervical Doctor in Oklahoma. Within three days of the first non-surgical treatment, the pain began to break up. By the third adjustment (9 days later), James was pain free. Their passion is to get this knowledge to the hurting public. James aborted his “suicide mission” 7 years ago, and since then he has influenced thousands to end their pain and bring health to their lives. He brings a message of hope to a hurting world.    - James Tomasi's Story


“From the end of last year I started having consistent facial pain. Since starting my treatment with Dr. Lukas, I have noticed significant improvement. This was not an immediate cure, but over time, my symptoms have become less severe and on many occasions non-existent. I have stayed committed to my treatment, and can see the results.”    - Wally R.



Visual Impairment / Additional Symptoms


“Prior to seeking the assistance of Dr. Lukas and Upper Cervical Care, I had many debilitating ailments which were: visual impairment (12% vision remaining), acute arthritis in my joints, my neck, mid and lower back, chronic hip pain, TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disease) accompanied by night grinding to my teeth. Circulation in my feet and hands was almost non-existent. I also had constant numbness in my hands, arms and legs along with various pinched nerves throughout parts of my body.


Although I felt like a new person after the first adjustment, I have noticed following significant improvements since I began Upper Cervical Care which was only two adjustments and five weeks ago. Here is a brief summary: My eye sight has improved and the muscle coordination between each eye has improved, my neck, mid and lower back pains have diminished significantly. My hip pain is gone, TMJ has gone, and so has the jaw pain. The night grinding has only bothered me 3 times instead of nightly. Circulation in my feet and hands has improved IMMENSLY, thus giving me hours of undisturbed sleep, which is more than I have ever slept, I can feel my limbs again and pinched nerves have gone away.


So there you have it, from a patient who walked in going blind and is improving daily. Even my friends notice my improvements.”    - Christina T.

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